I offer a variety of services on the side whenever I have time, please contact me through my discord: Hella Bread#1738 if you would like to commission any of the services here.

Switch Soldering Service:

  • 60%: $20
  • 65%: $25
  • 75%-TKL: $35
  • 1800-Fullsize: $40

Switch soldering or mill max service customers can purchase Plankstabs Lite (Cherry clip in stabilizers) or tuned Plankstabs (Durock V2 stabilizers) at a discounted rate.

  • Plankstabs: $26
  • Plankstabs Lite: $13.50

Mill Maxing Service (Only brand new, unsoldered pcbs are permitted):

  • 60%: $40
  • 65%: $45
  • 75%-TKL: $55
  • 1800-Fullsize: $65

Note: Sockets are not included in this price you may either: purchase your own sockets of choice and send them in along with the pcb or you may purchase sockets from me directly at a discounted price of $0.26 per socket when commissioning a mill max service.


Desoldering Service (using a Hakko FR-301):

  • Macropad: $15
  • Sub TKL: $30
  • Above TKL: $40