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Plankstabs Lite (Tuned Cherry Clip Ins)

Plankstabs Lite (Tuned Cherry Clip Ins)

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NOTICE: There will be an additional processing time of 1-2 weeks depending how backlogged I am for this item, feel free to join the discord and message me if you have any concerns.  Thank you for being patient and understanding.


Tuned Cherry Clip Ins


  • Alice - 5x 2u stabilizers
  • 6.25u - 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u stabilizers
  • 7u - 4x 2u, 1x 7u stabilizers 

Who doesn't hate tuning stabs?  These are Cherry stabilizers fully tuned by me and tested before they leave the door.

What my tuning includes

  • Wire Balance
  • Poron Modding Pads applied to the stem 
  • 205G0 on the housings
  • 206G1 on the wires
  • Stems Clipped
  • Comes in a protective plastic case

(The mods listed are subject to change over time as I am constantly refining my process and methods to whatever I find works best.)

Multiple Orders will be consolidated into the least amount of plastic cases needed to protect the stabs within reason, if you wish for each order to come in its own individual case please DM me on discord or send an email.  There will be an added cost of $1 per extra case for this option

NOTE: Due to the nature of this item and the unpredictability of external factors out of my control during shipping, I cannot guarantee anything.  However, these are fully tested before they are sent and I try to do everything I possibly can to ensure they perform up to my standards when you receive them.  

If for any reason you are unhappy with your order please contact me by email or discord so I may work things out with you and try to make it right.

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